Deeper Blue

Recorded @ Fruit Hill, Cincinnati + Laurie‘s House, Oxford, Ohio
Recorded by Mike Tittel + Mike Landis, Mixed by Mike Landis
Mastered by Greg Calbi @ Sterling Sound

In loving memory of Joe Neyer

All songs written by Laurie Traveline Neyer
All songs ©2019 Laurie Traveline Neyer, Morning Dove Music, BMI. All Rights Reserved.

Laurie Traveline Neyer - Vocals + Piano, Wurlitzer, Hammond Organ, Uke, Accordian, Acoustic Guitar


Chris Allen - Acoustic Guitar + Vocals
Don Dixon - Bass + Vocals
Al Moss - Pedal Steel + Vocals
Jon Roket - Electric Guitar
Mike Tittel - Drums
and John Kogge - Harmony Vocals on Pauline


Thank you to Steven Pitts for believing in me and for your friendship and support. I am so grateful you are in my life. Thank you to Robert Rutherford. You have always been such an inspiration for me, and such a good friend. You are my tribe. Thank you to Lisa Biales. Your love and support is immeasurable. You are the Totsie to my Hotsie. Thank you to my Traveline, Richgels, Neyer, and Remke families. I am humbled always by your generosity in love, service, and support. Thank you to Matt Shoemaker for keeping my pianos tuned and in good shape for over fifteen years. I appreciate you. Thank you to Cris Trammell. Your love and friendship keeps me centered, balanced and dancing through life. And, thank you to all my friends who have been there over the years for my music and me. You are incomparable. Executive Producers: Jim and Joanne Traveline, Tom and Missy Richgels

Photos: Jon Roket (cover), Mike Tittel (band) Design: 3VERB